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Comparison Table



Tactic Advanced



Tactic Scout

Virtual Stadium

A range of virtual stadiums for various sports is available

Presenter Interface / Tablet Control

Second screen allows presenter to interact using a touch screen or tablet

Composite Graphics

Combine tools and add them to your customized workflow


Chroma Keying (with auto function) and Segment Keying

3D Tools

Matching camera position and angle to add ‘on-pitch’ graphics

Save, Recall & Share Analysis files

Easily save and load analysis files on any device

Auto Track

Track camera movement with one click and stay anchored to a position

AI Keyframing

Player detection allows automatic tracking of players with easy corrections



Virtual Players

Explain tactical movements by adding virtual players on the field


Distance, Run distance, Speed, Angle graphics


Advanced control of timing of events within an analysis sequence

Multi Camera Analysis

Keep the same analysis graphics after cutting from one camera view to another

AI Pitch Calibration

Field detection feature to allow one-click calibration of a pitch

XML Ingest

Ingest event files from data and tagging providers


Cut the game clips with the tags you create

Available for Mac and Windows

Supporting both major operating systems

Hardware Requirements

The specifications below are the minimum hardware requirements that will provide a reasonable level of performance for the product. For more information on workstation/laptop hardware & performance or for specific manufacturer models/builds please contact RT Software to discuss your exact requirements.


Tactic Advanced Manual Keyframing
i7 / i9 Processor (minimum six cores)
16 GB Ram
Nvidia Graphics Card RTX A2000

Not older than 2017
i5/i7 Processor (minimum four cores) or Apple (M) silicon chips
8 GB Ram
Ventura or Sonoma OS


Tactic Advanced Player Detect
i7 / i9 Processor (minimum six cores)
16 GB Ram
Nvidia Graphics Card RTX A4000

Not older than 2017
i7/i9 Processor (minimum four cores) or Apple (M) silicon chips
16 GB Ram
To run player detection, an M1/M2/M3 processor or discrete graphic card (AMD Radeon) with at least 4 GB memory is needed
Ventura or Sonoma OS


For yearly licences, multi-license purchases, and volume discounts, please contact spsales@rtsw.co.uk

The prices above are valid for Tactic SP (Sports Professionals) licenses intended for customers such as Sporting Clubs, National Federations or Governing bodies, Video and Performance Analysts as well as Coaches. If you are interested to know more about our prices for Tactic Broadcast licenses, please contact sales@rtsw.co.uk for a specific quote.