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RT Software has a solid background in top-end broadcast graphics solutions used by clients like the BBC, Sky Sports, TNT Sports, ITV, ESPN, Fox and many others. It now has a dedicated "Sports Professional" team to deliver its industry-leading Tactic sports analysis product to clubs, national federations and all professionals in the sports sector





Basic telestration with paused video

▪ Composite Tools
▪ Presenter Interface
▪ Virtual Stadium



Advanced Dynamic Telestration

All Lite features, plus:
▪ Dynamic Graphics
▪ Camera Tracking
▪ Timeline
▪ Tagging




All Advanced features, plus:
▪ AI Pitch Calibration
▪ Metrics
▪ Virtual Players
▪ XML Ingest



Team & Recruitment Telestration

▪ Dynamic Telestration
▪ Auto Track
▪ Timeline
▪ Tagging

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Tactic Advanced



Tactic Scout

Virtual Stadium

A range of virtual stadiums for various sports is available

Presenter Interface / Tablet Control

Second screen allows presenter to interact using a touch screen or tablet

Composite Graphics

Combine tools and add them to your customized workflow


Chroma Keying (with auto function) and Segment Keying

3D Tools

Matching camera position and angle to add ‘on-pitch’ graphics

Save, Recall & Share Analysis files

Easily save and load analysis files on any device

Auto Track

Track camera movement with one click and stay anchored to a position

AI Keyframing

Player detection allows automatic tracking of players with easy corrections



Virtual Players

Explain tactical movements by adding virtual players on the field


Distance, Run distance, Speed, Angle graphics


Advanced control of timing of events within an analysis sequence

Multi Camera Analysis

Keep the same analysis graphics after cutting from one camera view to another

AI Pitch Calibration

Field detection feature to allow one-click calibration of a pitch

XML Ingest

Ingest event files from data and tagging providers


Cut the game clips with the tags you create

Available for Mac and Windows

Supporting both major operating systems


  • Having the ability to stay within the same ecosystem to achieve the goal of what in the past has required several programs is a game changer.

    Mike Whyatt

    Manager of Coach Education, Canada Soccer

  • Tactic adds to our ability to educate and enhance our players' understanding of our objectives and game principles, along with giving players more clarity on opposition formations, threats and opportunities through high quality graphics and animations.

    Mike Norris

    Head Coach, Portland Thorns FC

  • All the players are really receptive to Tactic. It's become a really important part of the game. There's the scouting side - how are we going to beat this team? And the player development side - giving players the opportunity to watch their performances back and footage of other players to learn from.

    Ameer Bahhur

    Head Video Coordinator, Orlando Magic

  • Tactic allows us to easily educate and get messages across to our players with clarity and precision. We use it heavily in our pre and post-match analysis throughout the season. The quality of the graphics and its ease of use bring our analysis to the next level.

    Michael Scott

    Analyst, Melbourne FC

  • Tactic is a great software to show strategies and go through the game plan. The high-quality telestration options make it easy to show your players what you want them to do. I would recommend Tactic if you are looking for an easy-to-use but highly functional telestration application.

    Gerhard Waldhart

    Performance Analyst, VfL Wolfsburg Frauen

  • Tactic Lite has really impressed me. It is a great aid for coaches and analysts to start introducing graphical, tactical explanations into their match preparations and tactical analysis. It is easy to learn and the broadcast quality graphics make it the perfect tool to use for beginners in telestration.

    Gerard Dunne

    Head Performance Analyst Football Association of Ireland

  • I like Tactic because they have player detection, which is automatic tracking of players where you can put a circle on a player and just let it run, so you don't have to move it frame by frame. You can also preset, so we can pre-save our Galaxy text boxes, for example, and just drop them in from a menu.

    Sam Green

    Assistant Coach and Director of Video Analysis, LA Galaxy


1What are the minimum hardware requirements?
Find a list of hardware requirements for each of our products on this page.
2Could the license be used on multiple computers?
Yes, but not simultaneously. Hardware licences can be transferred unplugging the USB stick provided and plugging it into another machine. Software licences can be transferred using this procedure:
3Are league packages free?
Yes, they are completely free. You can download them from our website here.
4Is support/training available?
Yes. And included in the price you pay for the licence! For support issues, or to schedule an online training session, please contact or your account manager.
5Does Tactic only work in Football?
No, Tactic is Sports agnostic. You can bring footage from any team or individual sport and telestrate on it.
6Do you support Mac and Windows?
Yes, Tactic runs on both OS with the same interface and features.
7Does Tactic run on a Tablet?
No, it needs to run on a desktop or laptop. See hardware requirements above. Once running on the laptop we have an application to drive the presentation through a tablet, either iPad or Android. More details here:
8Do you have payment plans?
There are monthly, quarterly, and half-year options available for all our products. Visit our e-shop here for more information. If you are interested in volume purchases or multi-year agreements, please contact our sales team at
9Are there free trials available to evaluate the product before a purchase?
Of course! Fill out this form to request a free trial of our products


RT Software is an established graphics solutions company working with leading broadcasters like the BBC, Sky Sports, BT Sport, ITV, ESPN, Fox and many others since 2004. What defines us is our ability to add graphics to video clips to highlight action or explain gameplay. Our products for the sports professional market have evolved from the original top-end analysis tools, used on-air, to encompass much easier to use analysis tools, through to powerful data visualisation solutions for recruitment and team management. We are proud to have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the professional sports world to create these tools. In the last three years we have developed our Tactic suite of products: Lite, Advanced and Pro, to cater to the needs of every level of coaching and performance analysis from amateur to the highest professional level.

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