For Coaches and Analysts

Tactic is an innovative tool designed for coaches and video analysts that offers advanced precision in game planning and strategy.

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary experience as Tactic seamlessly integrates broadcast-quality graphics into your coaching arsenal, helping you create clear and effective game plans, elevating your team’s performance on the pitch and delivering the results that truly matter. Telestration helps you streamline your meetings and ensure that your players grasp your strategy effortlessly.

What sets Tactic apart is its fusion of professional sporting expertise with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The result? A solution that empowers coaches and analysts to navigate the complexities of sports analysis with ease.

Tagging a game, enhancing it with broadcast-quality graphics and presenting it live—all within a single user-friendly platform—is just the beginning. Tactic’s compatibility extends beyond its capabilities, as it seamlessly integrates with other providers through XML ingest. This not only ensures a fluid workflow but also saves you invaluable time.

Step into the virtual stadium and witness the seamless transformation from video to tactics board. Tactic’s Player Point of View feature provides a unique vantage point that allows you to perceive the game through your players’ eyes. Elevate your coaching game by creating animations for best practices, targeted training sessions and precision-oriented set pieces.

Tactic redefines sports analysis, pushing your team towards excellence.

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