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Tactic is expertly designed for scouts and recruitment teams. Our cutting-edge solution offers a seamless blend of broadcast-quality graphics and artificial intelligence, providing a top-tier platform for creating visually impressive videos that engage decision-makers.

Dive into an advanced scouting experience with Tactic, which enables you to go beyond standard analysis. Its tagging function is a key feature, letting scouts and analysts create custom tags from full-game videos. This independence from external providers gives you the control to identify talent and gather detailed insights.

Tactic’s strength lies in its ability to enhance raw game footage with broadcast-quality graphics, significantly enhancing your scouting presentations. It allows you to display player performance, highlight important moments and focus on essential skills, all through an easy-to-use interface.

Tactic stands out for its commitment to providing a seamless scouting and recruitment experience. As you work with full-game videos, Tactic becomes an extension of your expertise, helping you craft stories that appeal to decision-makers.

Utilise Tactic to create impactful videos that make a strong impression on stakeholders. Revolutionise your scouting methods, redefine talent identification and boost your recruitment success with Tactic.

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